Import bitrex pairs into tradingview

Tradingview has now added the bittrex crypto pairs. By importing these names into tradingview you can now see all the bittrex crypto pairs. It is actually is a big deal because now you are able to use all indicators and scripts tradingview has on the extensive offer. I guess we will see a rapid decline... Continue Reading →

USDTRY going much higher

Today I opened a long position on the USDTRY as there is immense potential and price could keep on going for months.  There is a lot going on at this chart! The Turkish Lira was trading in a descending wedge formation for quite a while when it broke out of the wedge in the beginning... Continue Reading →

Learn how to trade bitcoin

Lately I have read so many stories of people who are trying to trade bitcoin and other crypto but really do not know how to trade and consequently are loosing again and again. This article will teach you how to trade crypto (and even forex) and actually make a profit. As there are so many... Continue Reading →

Gold shines again

Before the weekend I opened a new Long position on Gold because it was already clear that price had a hard time going lower and testing the $1200 mark. Actually I expected and maybe even hoped for another test of the bottom of the triangle. The fact that this didn’t happen is actually a good thing... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Setup

This is the kind of setup I fact, this setup is so perfect and pretty I can not stop watching it. Because of that I would like to use this setup to illustrate my kind of trading in this first post. These are also the kind of setups that bring in the biggest profits.... Continue Reading →

About me

Hi! I trade stuff for a living. My trading domain is crypto, forex and commodities (Gold and Silver) and I am here to help and guide you. Before I became a trader I used to work as a high end consultant for different companies but got fed up with the commuting and never ending corporate... Continue Reading →

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