About me


I trade stuff for a living.

My trading domain is crypto, forex and commodities (Gold and Silver) and I am here to help and guide you.

Before I became a trader I used to work as a high end consultant for different companies but got fed up with the commuting and never ending corporate rat-race.

Trading makes it possible for me to work from a geographically independent location and in the mean time become financially independent. This can be from my home in the Netherlands or from where ever I want. But even more important; I really like to do it.

My trading style is not for everyone; I like to trade patterns and the breakout of these patterns. I also like to follow trends. This means I do not have 10 setups every day. Sometimes I may even only have 1 setup per week. I take the setups with a high probability of success and often stay multiple days or weeks in a trade. In the end…it’s the profit that counts. Trading crypto works a little bit different but we will cover that in a later post.

Lately more and more people asked me on twitter if I could share my thoughts, ramblings and trades so they could learn from me and maybe also get financially independent.

I must admit that at first I wasn’t very excited about sharing my setups but when I remembered how hard it was to learn how to trade and how difficult it was to find good setups with explanation, I decided to share some of my setups actively. I am going to use this website to do so.

Not all of my trades are winners.
Not all of my trades are losers.
It’s the difference between the winners and losers that makes the difference.


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